self development

your thinking defines what you are .

how many  times we see us in others souls ; we keep following them in order to know our  truth that we forbid to make  a part from us . even though we believe it sometimes we don’t want it to mess with  our reality  ; so avoiding it is the easiest way to stay steady ; but  let   us focus on believing :

 You already considered a lot of  thoughts in your life and developed them to accord your  thinking style  and it doesn’t matter how or what but when ;or  rather which condition made you believe what you believed ; and how you dealt with it; and certainly your reaction at that condition was after a long process of  judgements that  to you feels right , and  basically  its a choice you made ; a choice you chose  along with what you took as reference ( ur beliefs ) ,

  Eventually what you  do reflex the thoughts in the back of ur head and which you really  trust in the first place; an as long as we heard about the thoughts being the core of the existence  and the motor of   the human intelligence ; simply it is the identity of the  soul  ; without it we are just a colony with no laws . therefore believing in what decisions we make is building  our personality ;our individuality that spare us from the rest and makes us different

without further ado what we tend to do is the outcome of   what we consider as true ; and how much close it is from being a truth  ; and with doing what we planned to do ; we set the real us ; so making a new beliefs is forming a new real you ; thus it’s a  method of well-matching the outside air .


In case we stopped forming new beliefs we  will stay captivated in that  -old us-  prison ; that if you want to stay safe inside it you must pay a very costly price and frankly   maintain  your loyalty to your old thinking school traditions ; moreover and as a part from this price ; being ridiculously defeated by others ; Unless you can be able to cope with it ; and this is a whole another story , trying to change some lines from that book inside your head and make it fit and  compatible with the philosophy of reality ; that’s prove some point  but what if ? there’s always a impasse ; what if your new fixed attitude doesn’t really get into this world as you expected ? what if you weren’t prepared for starting a war and  the world you have been dying to fit in start the attack first  ; I know M talking like a war strategy expert but  this how we should contain the subject ; you must know that if u don’t look that smart  you are going to end up paralyzed  not physically rather mentally

 And you know very well what comes after this ; people will  take this chance to give you up and  torn you into pieces ; they will use ur lack of  freash thinking against you and crash you with their up level knowledge ; destroy your excitement in one hit ; they will hunt you regardless either you belong to their community or not ; they are not gonna use some developed equipment neither some classic weapons ; basically were not in a real war ;

So words are enough to complete the mission ;; and who doesn’t know what a word is capable of 

 you are definitely going to lose some parts of your nucleus by then ; because you chose to stay related to your old perspectives and way of thinking careless about how fast is the universe revolutionize : your going to ask why I always link refreshing the way of thinking with losing yourself ? I conclude that from the experience ; and I will tell you : after all every result has a cause ;

My theory is if your thinking is fixed you are unable to find out more about people also you don’t have a clue about how to contract  with them further more you will be uncapable  of  knowing how or what to do in case you make contact with them ; so as a requirement ; you must cover up all the recent waves ; in other words REFREASH YOUR THINKING  and  get  some new beliefs till you get a free access to know the more ; to reach that self-knowledge high level .

But how ; its summerized in OALSDT

Open you mind : the first step is always hard ; what you have to do is  to forfeit your persistent , to sacrifice your old thinking school doctrine ; to empty some space for some welcomed quests ; what I mean is to give up  on every single  thought that isn’t ineffectual either in a bad way nor  in right way

Aim : in order to start the game;  get yourself a target  ; you need to select a thought ; a quest if the context allows ; a lesson designed for you to master ; with the purpose of  building a fresh perception ;

learn :  discover the hidden ; study it ; cover all the sides ; do everything it takes to learn a new thinking style skill .

See : focus more on how people practice these specific thinking styles ; try to go more deeper  while processing them ; catching the starting point of how to be successful in doing it

Discuss : engage with persons that will help you set those thinking styles right ; and also make you gain some new ones just to get you some special effect .

Try : you are out ; so DO IT ! work out your new talent.

 I know it seems easy and pretty under control  but don’t make the siren tricks you  ; it’s quite complicated just the point that you have to face the main factor in this whole operation and it’s people ; people that keep judging for the slightest mistake but in case you don’t  fathom all of this ; you must use them to reach what you are looking for ; use their critics for your own advantage ; just imagine those hate reviews like bricks and you are building  a stairs out of them that leads you to the up-floor above .

Now if you dared to do the 6 steps , you probably will find out more about Today and tomorrow , as knowing more about yourself  and identifying your needs and rights

Also what your role in society .  

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