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Why we need attention?

We all need attention at some point it’s a real matter to be concerned about, who has attention tend to be successful in his life; tolerant with himself and excited to reveal what is hidden beneath every vibration, but how can having attention makes you more positive and willing to move forward? 

   We are humans; the creatures who love to be under spotlights; we give the best when people mention compliments, we exceed ourselves when people’s talks are covering our steps; our performances; our actions, attention provides us with a path to catch; a meaning of our professionalism; the more we feel noticed; the more we keep fighting to keep this consideration alive; we all crave making the difference, showing the world- no matter how much individuals are there – that we can achieve the impossible; change maps and bring up stuff, we are in need to be brilliant; we need people to think high about us, about our right resolutions, the way we control our instincts and not because we feel weak and dying to win other people’s judgments; but because there should be some witnesses to prove that we’re special in something; however we can’t express that message if we aren’t giving it our whole attention; I mean if we aren’t ready to give attention we are not ready to be given attention.

No give no take; right! 

   I decided to choose two exemples (from many) that will elaborate on this word ( attention ) .

social media attention :

     People think by doing anything- And I mean by anything any silly crazy thought possible to think about – they will get it all, but they forgot that attention is prescripted to those who deserve it .eventually, you can exploit whatsoever to win people’s attention for some time but it won’t last for long if it isn’t based on investing an advantage, either help or entertainment; and there’s a lot of communities misunderstand the latter so they deviate from the straight road and started selling the blank.

     Let me remind you that there’re two kinds of attention; one helps you to grow better and the second makes you swim in the dark mode: more like a bad and a good one. 

    Stay in your zone or quit it and find a new one

Thus both are depending on what you provide: meaning that we can describe the link between you and your public by what’s called an ( influence and impact)relation.

    What you give them reflex your abilities and for sure what are you good at; so if they find you beneficial!; congratulations you got their attention; moreover they want you to share more with them; expecting you to rise higher and higher in every time; overflowing your plate with great reviews and feedbacks. providing you with the clean air to produce more, and here you notice that giving attention brings a lot of attention, and this is the first type; it will always make you in the improvement and developing more features by the time.

     What about the second type(the bad one), don’t wait for it if they find out nothing helpful in your work, empty messages – no matter who is the sender – are empty messages; contain nothing but having storage; entertainment and ridiculousness are alike. sometimes they get their part of attention but not all the good of it, simply if you aren’t giving me what will motivate me or make me laugh(help me in some point) I’m not gonna do any reaction to encourage you to keep going on; you just didn’t affect me to affect you, but I still have one job to do before I quit your foolish world, and it is making you feel embarrassed and not satisfied with your work by posting some bad reviews; and humiliating feedbacks; and by the way, we both know how hard this will hit your mind, you can’t handle it so why you got yourself into this mess!

   See! they gave you attention but not your preferred’s more like a destroyer.

    And as NEWTON said: every action has a reaction; that can be similar/ opposite to it 

relationship attention : 

Attention means care; care is love; the more you give your attention to somebody the more he’ll feel valued and precious; because you gave him unforgettable memories to keep, he will think big about himself and treat you the same so to be happy and never to think of leaving him someday.

 What attracted you more to your lover is not his/her beauty; or how he/she gets dressed but truly the way he/she shows you attention through the slightest details. that maybe you couldn’t notice but felt it.

  you felt the warmth of it. especially when those details and memories that keep flowing in yr mind are blocking you out from reality. you feel close; you start filming scenes that make you more satisfied and delighted; more willing to sacrifice for the one you love.

    And what about ignorance; I always link this term with quitting; whenever I feel ignored I just quit; the same is for everybody. we don’t want a toy life; we don’t want to be reserved in a box until the next appointment; we chose to live but not as a decoy; life needs us to be stronger every day; and to realize that we need trustful people beside us, to give us support, care, and attention. if we searched deeply we’ll find that appearance merely means something in front of how much comfortable you feel when you receive love, humans have one single net face hidden in their soul; you want somebody to soften show him, love, you want him berserk, hate is your option.

So now it’s determined that there’s only one scale we can fearlessly count on, and it’s attention; how much you give is not necessarily have to be equal to how much you take, but the good thing is that you are going to know where you’re stepping.


  • momelite2

    I’m trying to get better about giving attention. It’s especially hard when someone makes you mad to try to get attention.

  • Brandi

    I feel like social media is a huge culprit in this! Everyone is in a constant race to get more likes, comments, shares (aka attention). It’s so hard not to take part in it, but it’s draining when you do!

  • Mary Osadolor

    At the end of the day, genuine attention is really hard to recognize these days especially with the whole social media craze. On the whole , this article threw so much light on so many aspects of it.

  • cgithu

    mmh! a very interesting article here. I always felt I didn’t need attention before, now my work makes me seek for attention

  • Candice Rice

    Social Media has definitely brought out the narcissist in all of us hasn’t it! This reminded me of when my kids were younger and they acted out it was a call for attention! The good and bad attention right?

  • aisasami

    Attention is good but sometimes we want too much and it can be dangerous. We have been careful, in a relationship or on social media, on how much attention we get and restrict it.

  • Luna S

    I agree that we all need some attention! We all seek it out in different ways, my personal favorite is cuddling with my husband while watching TV.

  • Raksha Nagaraj

    Interesting! My work has made me feel that it’s important to get the attention. I have lost many opportunities because I never put myself out there to grab the attention I need.

  • Ting

    it’s always a good idea to get attention and pay attention to those around you. If you don’t get attention, you’ll always be neglected on the side lines.

  • Michele

    I am a Leo…Leo NEEDS attention. I am constantly telling my fiance to hug me, hold me, cuddle with me. LOL I make sure I do the same to him to show my appreciation of him. Great post, thank you for sharing!

  • locd2gether

    I need to get better at showing attention, but we have a rule in our home that we must give each other attention during dinner. Recently, I did tell the hubby that I needed to cuddle.

  • Lily

    I believe people need attention to feel important. I feel we all have something to say but when you want too much attention it can be too much!

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