What makes you unmotivated? And how to deal with it?

We all know that if you let the lazy-passive person within you take control of the steering wheel, Your car is going to crash down and turns out to a real mess that You can’t handle it yourself, and let’s say as well as your life. ….So to prevent it from happening, you should get rid of that L-P guy ,and it’s your only choice, cuz u no his job is limited to destruction ,he’s unuseful ,and gonna ruin anything ur attached to ,the problem is without even ur consciousness.

Let me put you in the field when you’re scrolling the social media, don’t you see pictures in  (Instagram) (Facebook)..etc, pictures of random people just by your age, having money, cars, traveling all around the world, wearing expensive brands and studying in the best universities? M not telling you ; you have to be poor initially  in order  to keep reading what I wrote but  they keep actually achieving dreams that you’ve been always dreaming of realizing it (no matter what is it )..and probably you  feel something boiling inside of you that keeps telling you * what are you doing move, this is not our place either what we deserve  * ,that feeling called motivation ,you absolutely  heard of it while  surfing Internet,,of course you did they’re millions of articles and videos on YouTube  talking about it indeed  , but U do what ,you keep ignoring it every single time without a convincing reason ,let me tell you something when you’ll get it and know it you’ll have everything and all the power you need to check * done* and be happy ,clear like Sun : work +done = satisfied  ,however why You let it slip out of your hands ?,(work +Undone = unsatisfied ) ,oh I think know and you know too , it’s that little kid over there (L-P guy ).

let’s be clear he’s your real enemy isn’t he ? , you have to watch ur back , he’s a deceiver, cuz  This guy has kind of many faces, therefore he can easily trick you and stop u from building the basis, but what are they ? and how can you know them?  

First of all :


The moment you spell out ‘I’LL DO IT LATER ‘ ,ask your self ,and give quick answers. What About Now? what M doing now ? is the thing I’m into it now helps me improve myself or not ? Is it going to make me sleep with a smile on my face in the end of the day ? Is it going to make me love myself and appreciate my living? Ur gonna know how tough is your situation.and if I wasn’t wrong you’ll sit up and Nail it!



How many times you regret wasting plenty of time doing stuffs that have no added useful value ? , as I see * a lot * , but what’s the problem? It’s crystal clear ! You’re giving up to what pleases you and comfort you ,but by doing this u don’t notice that it keeps you away from achieving what can push you forward because simply you prefer in every step you step think twice ,is it useful ? Am I going to regret it later ?

Thirdly :


As long as you say * not now until the tada time* you will do nothing , I’ll tell you why ,simply the tada time will never exist until you make it exist , why ? Because you who make the circumstances not the circumstances make you , if you were prepared to do it you’ve already made a circumstance, it’s not anybody’s field it’s yours, thus you must play it right and control where?and when ? Your show time is going to be.

Fourthly :


Being a perfectionist leads you to two things,one thing is not doing literally anything 0% , the other part is doing it all 100% , so you don’t have a medium state in your dictionary, and that’s a real problem , it can makes you lose faith and confidence in yourself and also your surroundings , and maybe self-hatred that can leads to a mental disorder ,just like depression, anxiety,and so on. First let us talk about 0% team : they think perfectly but they done nothing , because they’re afraid of dying (failure ) so they’re -from the beginning -not gonna take the train, even though they want to reach the dreamland but what they’re gonna do? their fear prevented them from doing so!!!.

let’s move to the other half, team 100 %: they’re working, doing the best of what they can do, everything is good, but what if they and suddenly dropped by one rate (99%)? ,they get used to the foreground it’s a fact ,you’re basically going to wait for them to rise again, I’m not going to hide it but they will not actually , imagine you’re trying to wear a wonderful precious gold chain, but suddenly it was cut, you can’t fix it, this applies to them, they can think of doing it again, but their fair of maybes and perhaps it’s not going to be completed well, is what will prevent them from progress . 

Fifthly :


When you regret things you start blaming yourself directly without noticing the mental pain you’re actually causing .until it ends with some big issue.(alone)

We’re done with his five faces but how can you get rid of him? You’ve got actually the weapon, your question has to be how to use this weapon?

WEAPON: motivation


  • Think about your dreams :

write ur dream  on a paper because we don’t want them to fly away, look at them regularly make them your air, you’re breathing because of your dreams, think of the person that you would be if you realized them, personally I wrote them on my headboard so as to see them whenever I wake up ,,just to start my day having a vision of what I need to get under my throne .

  • Set goals:

set a(daily, weekly, monthly ….) aims. let them be your guide, let them be the map of your life, and that’s to no get lost. U can go for a daily to-do list, it helps make things done, and organize ur thoughts. ( don t full it )

For example Daily:

  • Think positive ,even in the tough times ,it helps:

Why not starting ur day with a smile ,it doesn’t  require  some big effort just a little tiny muscle and it’s  done ,,I know it sounds weird but give it a try !

  • If you have a problem with the big tasks, try to cut it to a small ones ,that will help you take control of the whole task,and know everystep deeply :

Lemme elaborate more , when ur determined  to do something  , you start filling out the day of a lot of  to do”s that include some big tasks.  But what happens is that  you don’t fulfil what u promised ur self to accomplish , so u start whining and  blaming urself thinking ur not responsible enough  and a  loser,, and also ur brain loses confidence in its self and it starts whispering * what kind of a coword M related to * , thus  that makes u feel kind of miserable , but what if u  done as I said and did only what u think u are capable to finish ,in other words avoiding  pretending ur kind of a super man\women and take it easy ..

you will feel satisfied and happy because u did what u planned all, and also ur brain is gonna reward u and tell u * U DESERVE the crown buddy , anything else to conquer* asking for more challenges to take ,with a pre knowledge that you will nail it and win ! Cuz after all u planned it all so u know the way to victory. 

  • Read some self-improvement books, and write down some positive quotes:

U want to live a productive,  also creative life ,,get some books buddy ! Stick to the book between ur hands and try to uncover the messages behind the lines ..

Here are some books that I recommend badly and believe me it will blow your mind and change your whole perspective of thinking ( for the better,of course 🙂 ) : Top 6 self-help books

  • love yourself to be productive ,do some self-care,get in challenges, work it out ,eat healthier

TRY TO FOLLOW some plan ( a healthie one ) sort of like a self-care routine, I mean start including veggies and fresh fruits in your meals, and avoid as much as possible the *slow death* junk food, I no it’s pretty hard but there’s no harm in Trying dude. plus it’s richer in vitamins and fibers that are too beneficial to your body and mental health too, I know there is no need to tell u that cuz it’s known, but M just Tryin to remind u, no hard feelings.

Hydrate yourself, and don’t think even for a split second by drinking soda, zero cock, or juice ur replacing water, because it’s a false fact, I meant by water, fresh, pure water (which u can flavor it with strawberries, lemon, cucumber….), and  The more u drink water, the more u become active and flexible, so u can bear the tough circumstances.

  • Work out :

Active means get moving, so why not give 10 mins per day just for 4 days a week, to work that body, stretch your muscles and practice some yoga poses if you’d like .this will make u more ready and willing to do physical stuff with no extra whining or nagging. 

FINALLY: try to get out of that babble around you or what science called it (comfort zone ): experience new things by Trying, cuz trust  me u won’t reach that summit if u didn’t climb that mountain first buddy, so either u come outside and get contacted with people, win relations, get support,  and discover ur environment, or stay in your spot and sing some calming songs. And Don’t give a thing about it until your DEATH DAY


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