The best 17 tips for a super productive week.

So you wanna have a productive, full of fulfillment week.

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Productivity is fundamental to keep receiving good results.

To make your dreams not just dreams, you need goals, to get to achieve those goals, you need a plan, to set the plan, you need a productive mindset.

Here are 17 Effective tips to prepare for a highly productive week.


Starting a Productive week :

The next week must be planned Saturday.

I prefer to plan for the week on Saturdays, just to have enough time for myself on Sundays.

Plus planning early will make you feel like the king of the game.

Take notes from the previous week.

Don’t forget to write down everything that you need to do the next week or something that may help you.

Write down the important deadlines, meetings, and appointments of the week.

Set reminders or write them in your notebook.

Put a “Me Time” on your calendar.

You should set time for your self-care routine.

In mornings, Maybe evenings, but don’t skip it.

Put it with your priorities.

You may sometimes feel not like into it, and spending the day sleeping, scrolling your phone but you shine more when you do cherish and love yourself, Believe me, you’ll be more productive and energetic. 

Set times to organize and declutter your space.

An organized space is the key to focused creative work.

The mess pushes the brain to think that it’s overwhelmed and can’t figure out solutions.

On the contrary, when your place is well organized, Ideas keep flowing into your mind, and it makes it easier to tackle the task at hand. 

Set Focus Time

If it happens, and you need to focus on some important work, that you don’t need any distraction around you, Set a specific time and bring a timer.

Don’t rise your head and keep working.

Podcast, Audiobook, Ted talk – each morning of the week.

I love starting my day with a positive, inspiring Podcast.

Maybe learning a new language.

Or 3 chapters out of your favorite book.

 ” coffee break spanish ” and ” unf*** your brain ” are my favorites. 

Set a To-do list.

TO-DO Lists are the queens of time management.

Try to set a weekly To-do list that covers the most significant actions needed to be done in the next 7 days.

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Eat the frog first.

Always start with the monster task.

Don’t let the hardest task till the end, instead start with it, give it the maximum energy and focus.

When you finish it, you’ll feel like a great load just slipped off your shoulders.

And then you’ll be free and more motivated to get the easiest tasks done.

Don’t multitask.

Multitasking saves us when there are so many urgent tasks that needed to be handled in a short time.

But when you manage your time properly and have the most under control, I find it more like killing your creativity and just letting you complete things without sharing your touch with it.

Have a productive mindset.

Do not seek productivity when you don’t think it productively.

Have the intention to be productive and to fill your days with fruitful actions and not just some time-wasting, boring acts that are not beneficial neither for the short term nor the long.

Enjoy your accomplishments.

Reward yourself on every task you complete.

That makes you more willing to mark done all your To-Do list. 

Don’t aim for perfectionism.

What’s more important is the work to be finished.

If you keep searching for perfection, some goals may get lost. 

Productivity is the Morning Bird friend.

Productive people make the most of their mornings.

That applies to you too.

Stick to an hour, try to wake up every day at the same time, and start your morning ritual.

See The Highly productive people’s morning routine

Let the last blast.

Try to do something different every weekend, Enjoy yourself, appreciate life.

Don’t push it on yourself.

If you feel exhausted, and your head is pretty filled up, STOP.

Relax, do something effortless.

Take it easy day by day.

If not today, tomorrow.

In the end, you will be there.

Enjoy it.

Enjoy every step.

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