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The 5 best inspiring Ted talks for personal growth.

To thrive we must be in contact with things that will help us grow ourselves, we have to search and search and search to find the right way that will let us feel satisfied with our decisions and choices, feel right inside and reflect it in our actions.

when you’ll find the way , nothing will stop you from being your best version.

And listening is one of the best methods to establish proper behavior in terms of self-development.


Embrace the near win.

SARAH LEWIS brought up a valid question and tried to cover all sides of its answer.

The first thing that comes to our minds when we succeed is celebrating the creativity and the capability , but what get us to convert Success into mastery, and the answer was when we value the gift of the near win.

SARAH talked about her experience and how can Success be a one-time play gain but mastery is time after time play gain, leading in every time to a near win, she affirmed that success is the right moment in time while mastery is a commitment to a continuation, a desire to close the gap between the actual and the futuristic you, means we thrive when we pursue the near win even if we don’t reach the real win.

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.

TIM URBAN talked about his own journey as procrastinator and how it makes you a last-minute- fan, growing up a mess that makes it worse, he explained the difference between a procrastinator and a non-procrastinator with a great , right in point , doodle video.

How to get better at the things you care about.

you have goals, you have consistency, you have everything.

We spend lot of time trying to gain some skills or achieve small goals , we take Days weeks , months or even years in pursuing them .but we end up with nothing but a wasted time, we did not improve from ourselves not even a bit. we did not even complete the 1 % of the learning process, no one can master a skill or a lesson without learning it at first .

why this is happening ? and how to get things done? how to improve? how to keep the concentration rate higher every time? that’s what EDUARDO BRICENO will discuss with an informative, analyzing, funny talk.

The surprising habits of original thinkers.

ADAM GRANT talked about “originals” as he called them, and they’re the persons who make changes in the world, creative, successful minds that value ideas, innovation, and improvement.

he added that they’re like us but they’re better in managing Ideas.

ADAM discussed how you can recognize them, and how you can be an Original yourself.

Your elusive creative genius.

The writer ELIZABETH GILBERT insisted that the aspect of being is you, and you must have the stubbornness to keep showing up no matter what happens; no matter what people think about you, no matter how strong your fears are, the important is DO YOUR JOB and let your creative genius out.

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