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The 10 keys for a great life

Sometimes we need to change our logic if we want a fabulous life .

And the more we accept the change, the more we’re welcoming the best in our living time.

Here are the 10 keys to open the door of the rosy life that you’re looking for:

1.Never be afraid to say NO

It’s not harmful at all to say NO to someone.

Sometimes they ask you to do something that we’re not gonna say wrong; but something you can’t really handle and maybe for some reason, it’s against your beliefs but for the sake of those who you love, you just do it.

But this is 100% wrong, you can keep like this, pleasing others and forgetting about yourself isn’t a good choice it can lead to a self dissatisfaction, if not anxiety.

Besides saying a No won’t complicate the situation, eventually, it will make you impose your personality more, and show that you have a point of view; an attitude that will remain firm until you rethink it.

Being afraid of saying YES can also be a problem!
sometimes we feel like we’re not responsible enough, or we don’t have the gut to say yes to someone, just because we’re scared from what comes after.

But take me as an example, I was more than terrified from entering the blogging world, as soon as I discovered it, I couldn’t quit it, I said YES to blogging, and here I am doing what I love.

2.Don’t be a people pleaser.

As I said before stop pleasing the others at the expense of yourself, simply because you will gradually lose your personality.

People will start underestimating you, and taking the credit of your work, plus never caring of your feeling, neither of what you want.

3.Never say bad things about yourself

Don’t dare to say anything wrong/bad about yourself, but say what you need to hear.

4.Don’t do it, if it feels wrong.

Don’t think twice of something, if it feels wrong to you.

your powerful soul can sens the wrong out of the right, basically anything that would drive you crazy, and of course, by trusting your decisions, stop right away.

5.Never give up on your dreams.( NO, NO and NO!)

Our dreams are our fuel if we abandon them, life will be meaningless and empty.

Stay glued to your dreams until you fulfill it.

6.Give and take love.

Love is the point, love is what you need to live a happy life, but first, you need to give it if you want it.

Spread love all over your surroundings, wherever you go, try to make people remember your effects; your care and joy.

Forgive anyone who has caused you pain or harm, because you don’t know when it’s going to be your turn.

7.Stay away from negativity as far as you can.

Believe me, you don’t want to keep complaining all the time, about how much you’re unlucky, or not worthy…est .

always move to the positive side of the ruler, don’t let negative companionship throw you to the bottom, also don’t follow those who are sick of living, and all their talks are grey images, indeed, you can see that thinking positively about life is easier than thinking negatively .

the main thing is to stay away from negative people aura, also not let them share their feelings with you, because those feelings are like bullets, no matter how strong you are, they will break you into pieces.

Some acts will help:

8.Stop comparing your life with others.

We are different, Everyone has his journey, so we can’t just assume that someday we’re going to be the same.

The couple of lives that we see in social media aren’t the whole image, however, we find ourselves tricked, mimicking them to make our living better, forgetting about learning that is considered the best tool ever to improve from ourselves.
Learning from someone’s lifestyle is not a mistake, but it will be if you stayed in your place, whining, comparing, and getting jealous.

You are enough, your life is your choice; your resolutions, try to make it more pleasant to you and not more similar to someone’s life.
If you’re searching for happiness, the key is to appreciate what you got.

9.What others think about you isn’t your problem.

What people think of you is their problem, whatever they say is their right, because they share what is happening in their minds and not yours.

Though this has nothing to do with you, you know yourself very well, so I suppose that what they think of you won’t matter at all; unless you’re breathing oxygen because of them!

10.Never self-doubt.

Self-doubt is dangerous!

You need to trust your actions and believe in your goals.

Confess that there’s a power inside of you, ready to be unleashed, a faith that will bring the world under your feet.

Steak yourself to the self-confidence habit, and you will see the difference.


  • nidocolectivo

    I hear you and love your advices. There are a couple ones that I struggle with, I mean I don’t struggle so deep but they are annoying like saying no. I say no to stuff that don’t feel right but then I feel like an a-hole but I have to remember that I said no because I have a logic reason and I’m not acting out of selflessness. Anyways.. these are good guidelines to live a better life.

    Thanks for sharing

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