Stop overthinking ?

There’s a lot overwhelming you ; lots of streaming  thoughts overflowing your head . it could be bunch of ideas if not a solo one ;the  matter of  amount doesn’t matter in fact  ; but how  they effect you , and how they’re digging deep to the bone is the issue.

       Overthinking is a natural action that accures when your stranded and obligated to know the unseen ; forced to give causes for every consequence , as well as making them look more  realistic to you also to the logic you’re working with .

       Overthinking is your suggested option if you want to stay stuck in the past , it’s a matter-of-fact , repeating the same story over and over again , like reliving it tens of times , and  each time you become thirsty to reveal more ; hidden signs  , like it’s not based on one single  truth  however you go back to start from the zero returning to the  zero ; like a circle.

       The Future is not impervious , it can also be over-thinked , your options and decisions , and their outcome must be eating your mind ; since we have such a great relation with our future ; wrong or right ; it must be processed .  this make you confident yet vulnerable in your present ; thinking or rather overthinking about something that may happen or may not  ; you’re not even sure about either it’ll be confirmed or not   ;assuming that if you think about it ; it’ll help wipe out the dust covering it conversely it’ll intensify the fog around it , leading you to blindness ; I’am not trying to tell you to stop thinking about whatever thought you’re related to but you mustn’t focus on stuff — that you know exactly–  are gone , you can’t turn back time , also you can’t stop – supposed to happen – stuff from happening ; even if u think about it day and night . you’ll just end up with some terrible headaches , plus those late late nights that worsen the case .

        So how to stop that , how to prevent yourself from the extra thinking ?

It starting with you ; only you are  the answer . I guess you already know that you are one of kind  super fascinating creature ; with a high creativity and self –esteem rank  in addition to a supernatural intelligence -that most of humans are not  likely to  show – also the last time  I checked  you’re the only mortal who  is gifted , you’re able to think , make decisions and  control actions…not to mention being a part of something bigger- living in community on a [ 5,9722*10^(24) ] kg earth ;surrounded by millions of planets in the center of  a giant galaxy swimming between trillions of galaxies in a unlimited universe that keeps expanding over time to god knows where – and here you are thinking about your actions and reactions ; blaming yourself or the others ; stressing and  pushing yrself to the limits…. considering  doing so will alleviate the pain and facilitate fixing it , nevertheless it’ll actually make it worse and increase the strength of  the matter leading you to feel somewhat hesitant ;frustrated and  uncapable of solving it . you are beyond this ;  life could be harsh sometimes but you’re obviously  a superhero by nature  ; thus those little obstacles that keep ruining your whole concentration  shouldn’t stop you ; neither shouldn’t make you  have an eyelid  –  it’s all little problems , and each one is for sure solvable.

But if you stayed confounded and determined to give  your whole awareness to some flimsy excuses and pictures , you won’t actually get to find the trails , in other words you have to think big but not that big ; just imagine those thoughts that keeps confusing the hell out of you as some additional pieces that you don’t  necessarily need to keep moving on ; and to make it more easier try to collect every part forming  the whole image  and then start exluding the rubbish that erupts the grassland  ; but don’t tell me how will you recognize the  right ones to get rid of ? because you definitely know which ones also you are able to seize them   it’s  just you can’t  shake them off , but we already  discussed that  , you’re more than being easily defeated by  weak reasons let along mere sick thoughts.


  • Sarah

    Overthinking can ruin virtually everything. Not only is it a form of rumination (and ruination) but it can turn a good day into a tragic day. It can also ruin everything good in your life. I use to be a major victim of this until I realized what it was doing to myself and others around me. It is a horrible thing and if one is guilty of this, please know you are not alone, but also know it is dangerously destructive and will ruin you.

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