Little chat: Why is it hard to forget about someone ?

That moment when you reached someone and started a chat with him, he immediately began planting some seeds inside of your moral patterns and heart; you can’t feel it and your mind can’t detect what is it precisely; indeed it’s already settled deep in you, you don’t see it yet it will do its duty.

while your relationship grows; the seeds spread its roots through your veins. the period-for it to flower- depends on how much you’re close to that person and how many experiences you had together.

But what is it exactly?
the seeds are every emotional impression established by humanity, ( hate, love; anger, joy… etc.) that is launched by the dude-whom you talked to- and received by you; and it can be words or acts, if not both.

those impacts pushed you to claim a feeling toward him at some point, (this is a very fact simply we tend to give the first guess before things heat up), a feeling that will be held by your unconsciousness forever; the intensity of that feeling; or rather how this power -that is transferred through his actions- is affecting you, is leading you to form a proper environment for the seed to maintain a good living,( a perfect garden ) and by that keep you attached to him.

f course, how much you are willing to bear those reactions plays a great role in tightening the connection, thus rendering you to a more faithful person to the relation between your two.

His words and grimaces – either intentionally or not -manipulated your thinking; it changed something unnoticeable in you indeed you still feel that uneasiness when it comes to him; it doesn’t matter if it is love or hatred, you owe him a feeling; you’re considering a sentiment that is holding you both still, just like a bond, in which the link between you rated above the 0 °.

Hence the connection will last until you decide to cut it off and absolutely remove all the paths that lead to his existence; you should get rid of any emotion relating you with any of his well-being. you have to behave like you haven’t met him before; even your memories should be deleted and replaced with negative. simply you need to cease irrigating the seeds and let it RIP.

But doing this is like uninstalling your data and restarting, and as you can see; our science doesn’t seem to reach these noble technics and that’s why it’s hard to forget about someone.

However, we can move on by busying ourselves in something bigger, something that is a turning point in our life.

What about you, why is it hard to forget about someone?

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