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Hope is the cornerstone .

       Oxegen is necessary for your vitals to work  , as well as hope is necessary for your soul to keep willing to work  .

       Hope can be embodied in so many things or people . such as money ; love; care ; parents ; children ; job ; study …. And So on . those stuff  could be someone’s life , someone’s motive to move on  . meaning that no matter what is hope for you ; it’s   life.  

       There are hundreds of cases concerning persons losing their hope in life so they chose to stop whatever is happening by ending it ; just to save themselves from feeling their empty cold heart being silent and dead alive ; you know that condition when death is more mercy than living kind of a miserable life. A non sens one , And only god  knows what hell that  life represents   ; people who are facing that sort of  problem tend to avoid/ignore everything around them, since the world in their eyes turned to a  depressed black and white TV Show.  they ceased craving anything. Even doing what they love  to do is meaningless if it hasn’t been included in some specific framework ( a long planned road to achieve a precised goal )   eventully  The only thing separating them from the deads is breathing basically they’re nothing more than a dumb corps .

       life with no clue doesn’t exist  ; or at least we can’t call it a life anymore, what I see is that wherever hope is absent   the worst nightmares come to the surface  and  sucks every single blood drop in no matter of time .

  This mood is beyond words ; lot of grey is terrifying ;  nothing can be enough to please you  , the taste of life is vanishing ; also your patience . a huge ruin just because you couldn’t find a hope when you had to , sounds even .

       For almost all of us . hope can’t be a total all the time ; however  the main point is how much you’re willing to persevere in order to protect it  ; for someone hope is no more than a slight tiny glimmer ; and although he insist to make it  worthy to happen the way he imagined .for another hope can be   perfectly shiny as sun  ; but necessitate some real serious care . either way you should play  a shield job if you want to  guard your own hope .  life is full of danger ;disappointing , sadness , love , happiness , joy …and people are luckily prone to lose trust on themselves also lose what’s making them wishing living  , but even though we have to keep searching for alternative Hope ; each time  A hope pass on ;  a new one rise up ; it’s an endless loop : thus we should be positioned  in the right dot in the right  moment .and to be honest  that’s where we meet personally with troubles ; troubles that stand for baffling us ; misleading the progress ; but shouldn’t cool us ; fire must lasts until the last breath ;    

      Everything can be gained with power as we see nowadays , and let me tell  you  even Hope . except this time power should  be used against no one but life threats 

       I know it’s obvious yet foggy . arming yourself against life is not an option rather a natural spontaneous  behaviour ; but think wisely you can’t buy some hope from a market in your way home ; you have to snatch it ; make it  present . make it real , let it suits you ;

       M not gonna tell you how to find it ; or how to create miracles ( like I already know duh ),  we are made differently undoubtedly so each one has his own methods and for sure  he prefers treating things on his -one of a kind- way, the case is how would you  know what you’re doing gonna bear fruit and not ashes? How would you know that your actions lead to attaining the goal ahead ?  I’ll tell you How , simply look at your Hope’s health file  [ not exactly but I love metaphor style ( not my bad everyone loves it ) ] anyway  I meant by that looking after its state ; is it wealthy , well , not good , fading , or lifeless . just focus  on the whole Hope thing ; its shape , its atmosphere ; its gravity……its aura ,   by identifying what you see you’ll end up with  something ; something that’ll help you uncover the answer ; and effortlessly you’ll know if  your plan is working fine or your hard work is getting down the drain ; I recommend to check on it constantly-some care won’t kill-because big decisions require attention , and  if it reached the fading area ; you’re not going to be a little bit late but really late  ; however you can save it by some electric shocks ; in reality refreshing your server ; get rid of these spiders webs and start reorganizing your data ; wipe out the viruses and optimise the system .  [ as long as I treated the brain like a machine ] eventually admit there’s something isn’t right  with your  techniques, it should be reviewed ; other than that  you’re safe for Now .

      Remember to always revive it.

Now Picture that your life is based on a particular hope , isn’t it fascinating ? I mean  whenever you collide with a  difficulty , you think about the only thing that makes you balanced  ( hope); and immediately you’re secure and thinking about how to put right the puzzles before witnessing some enormous damages . considering your hope’s health file .

      After all Hope is everything.

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