Highly productive people’s morning routine

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Aiming to be productive isn’t difficult at all.

it’s all about exploiting your time in beneficial things that will help you improve yourself instead of spending it in some passive activities that will make you regret your decisions even more.

The first step to being productive is your morning .

The day is the morning, so if you want to have a great productive day, start with a great productive morning.

Now let’s see how productive people live their mornings .

First thing first :

They wake up early.

There is no morning if you don’t wake up early, you find them off of the bed at 4:00 am, 5:00 am, they value time, they believe that if you want to make the most of your day, you have to start early, and when everyone is asleep they’re planning to win their day.

and as the proverb says: “Time is like a sword, if you don’t cut it first, it will cut you instead”.

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They hydrate.

They drink water first thing after waking up , as the body was dehydrated for about 8 hrs, it’s really important.

And also drink hot tea to boost their mood either with lemon or ginger or both .

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They always write and see affirmations.

Nothing can boost your motivation as much as affirmations do .

Affirmations can give you the vibe that you need to give your best and push out your creativity plus help you think positively and come up with great ideas that serve your goals achieving journey.

You always deserve the best, you are enough, you can do it, you can handle this, you have awesome ideas.

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They write.

They use their mornings to put their ideas, thoughts, and feelings on paper in order to improve them and achieve them.

Everything they’re aiming for should be written, it helps them create a better vision and shape their world.

They write their problems , assumable solutions and what they must pay to overcome it.

You find them strong but in front of their notebooks; they write with intense feelings, they make their journals their invisible partner.

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They remove distraction.

Productive people Don’t like wasting their time , especially the morning.

They Accept no distraction, no phone, no checking messages, no tv …

Removing distraction is the first tip in their world , they focus on the beneficial.

But They also make time for distraction, in the condition that the timing of it must be after finishing the urgent and the important tasks of the day.

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They meditate.

They believe in appreciating what they have, they value their lives, their relations, their place and they consider the fact that what exists in their world serves them somehow.

The morning is the best time for meditation, it refreshes your soul and boosts your self-esteem.

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They read.

Their books shelfs are always asking for more books .

They use books to get inspired and develop themselves , they search for personal growth, they learn and never stop.

They get smarter the more they discover more to read.

Reading in the morning helps them stay motivated the whole day and spread knowledge everywhere and apply it to reach their great purpose .

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They exercise.

After building the muscles of their mind they get the body in shape .

As the proverb says ” the healthy mind is in the healthy body”

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They appreciate the breakfast.

Some of us quit breakfast because of work , urgent issues or doesn’t feel like it.

But productive people always start the day with a healthy meal, considering that breakfast is the most important meal that you can have during the day, and that’s why they wake up early to take their time and enjoy the nutrients.

Your breakfast must be light and healthy.

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They set goals for the day.

They finish the morning with creating a to-do list for the day , what should be done and what should be postponed.

Plus a list of goals they’re aiming to achieve in the next 24 hrs.

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