mental health

Everyone should stay alone with himself every once in a while.


  Now and then you feel like you’re in the middle of a storm luckless missing the way out.

Feeling terrified, you begin assuming moves in a rush; but what you don’t see is the way out must be made in the inside; deep inside, you should relax and calm the chaos running in your mind first then seek the exit .hold yourself; hug yourself; know your needs; feel you. ask yourself what’s wrong ? reconnect the wires. be your loyal friend that’ll be stuck with you for the eternity no matter what happens. try to recognize all you. what does it take to come out of that storm? what must take place to get you out as a winner and not as a pathetic survivor .

Listen to your breath sound ; sense how much it is precious, the more you give it time the more it becomes clearer , the more you feel how mush thin is the trail between your present and the other side , it”s all have something to do with feeling ; that we’re afraid to define as a power . however, this power lays within us, without control it is used; hence the fear turns out to be weak in comparaison with our needs to invest this power. let’s get back to the point as I said slow down and close your eyes ; set your problems free until you’re a white page ; needed to be filled with ink , M not telling you it’s easy to get rid of problems but I’m asking you to ignore them for a while, disconnect with the world but reconnect with yourself, appreciate the living .

   Many of us are isolated not inside but outside , you sure gonna argue about the term isolated and the fact that it should be describing a state inside of a cube but let me tell that it’s right the way I wrote it ; I meant by isolated in the outside, when we care much about the others than us; when we chose to sacrifice things without considering our true self; when we be concerned about people’s problems thinking of how much it is bigger than ours, forgetting that the drop can still overflow the cup . doesn’t seems like you isolating yourself out? you don’t even know what is happening inside; the four walls that you created around you hide the bond that leads you back to the source, thus preventing you from being attached with your core once again.

    The outside world absorbed us, it made us obsessed with false promises, and lead by fake happiness; we won’t get to see the whole image if we aren’t ready to give up on that, it’s just we are forgetting about the origin, we made it all. we still making it all. we produced the distraction; so we can easily put it away and give it up to us, we all know that we in some point need attention however we orient our attention to something else far away from us; why won’t we shut it out and focus on our well being? why we don’t appreciate living but our actions? if you are not glowing none of this would happen; you are in charge of this, you hold the key; so why not rest and hold yourself a bit? it all serves you, nothing can stop you from taking a nap; also nothing can stop you from having a talk with yourself, even their murmurs about you being that crazy should not stop you; nobody got the hint about you other than you, no one can sacrifice himself to come rescue yours . all alone you have to reconcile with yourself ,you need to show it love if you want support.


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