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    How to feel alive again : The best 7 actions for a life reset-over.

    If you find yourself here, it’s likely because you’ve reached a point where you’ve had enough and are now determined to start over a new chapter. Remember, the challenges we’ve faced haven’t been meant to weaken us; instead, they serve to empower us, making us stronger in the face of life’s troubles. Without further ado, here are 7 ways you can try to reset your life : Watch the sunrise. A priceless view. It is just when you look up and see the sun looming in the sky, growing every second. Your mind anticipates a start, because with every sunrise, you have a second chance, a second opportunity, and life.…

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    How To Build your Confidence,17 Ways to do it.

    You’re here because you want to build some confidence, right? CONFIDENCE comes from within you, your passion, and your expectations. Know How to build your confidence and catch opportunities with these 17 amazing . 1.Fake it until you make it I am confident. Say it like you already are. 2.Exercise and eat healthy. Good health and good shape never disappoint. 3.Think positive about yourself will help you improve your confidence. Stop pulling yourself down with negative comments, judgments, and self-doubt, instead embrace yourself and fill your mind with positive affirmations. Check this out: 43 Positive self-affirmation that will change your life 4.Give yourself more compliments. It’s not always about people…

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    The best 17 tips for a super productive week.

    So you wanna have a productive, full of fulfillment week. This is the right place, Welcome!!! Hope you’re enjoying life and making great memories. Productivity is fundamental to keep receiving good results. To make your dreams not just dreams, you need goals, to get to achieve those goals, you need a plan, to set the plan, you need a productive mindset. Here are 17 Effective tips to prepare for a highly productive week.   Starting a Productive week : The next week must be planned Saturday. I prefer to plan for the week on Saturdays, just to have enough time for myself on Sundays. Plus planning early will make you…

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    7 steps to motivate the s*** out of yourself.

    Feeling unmotivated? Not every day we feel motivated and kind of willing to get our tasks done and move on to the next step. sometimes it feels weird to stay motivated but for our future and self-improvement’s sake, we must seek motivation and keep it as much as we can. Here are 7 ways to give yourself a little push and rock it! Think about your dreams : write your dreams on a paper because we don’t want them to fly away. Look at them regularly make them your air, you’re breathing because of your dreams, think of the person that you would be if you realized them, Personally, I…

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    10 Questions to answer to overcome procrastination

    You definitely want to overcome procrastination! Procrastination kills our ambition, our goals, our improvement . Procrastination is one of the obstacles that we should conquer more than once. Here’s a post talking about the depths of procrastination, its causes, and how to motivate yourself: Go Check it. In this post, I’ll put at your disposal 10 questions to ask yourself if you really want to beat procrastinating and get things done. 1. What am I doing now? Set a definition for the activity that you’re practicing now. 2. Why is it preventing me from getting my tasks done? Find the reasons why it stops you from being productive. 3. Is…

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    43 positive self-affirmation that will change your life

    Affirmations can help you boost your self-awareness and worth. Affirmations can change your life and bring out the energy you want! Here are 43 positive affirmations to boost your energy, confidence, and positivity. I’m enough. I deserve the best. I can Do it. I got this. I believe in my abilities. I respect, I deserve to be respected. I have hopes, dreams, and goals. I have passion and ambition. I run away from my comfort zone to improve myself. I’m strong. I’m Always grateful. I trust My inner strength. I’m proud of myself, my opinions, and decisions. I can be the best version of myself. I’m willing to succeed I…

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    The 5 best inspiring Ted talks for personal growth.

    To thrive we must be in contact with things that will help us grow ourselves, we have to search and search and search to find the right way that will let us feel satisfied with our decisions and choices, feel right inside and reflect it in our actions. when you’ll find the way , nothing will stop you from being your best version. And listening is one of the best methods to establish proper behavior in terms of self-development. GOOD LISTENER NEED GOOD TALKS. Embrace the near win. SARAH LEWIS brought up a valid question and tried to cover all sides of its answer. The first thing that comes to…

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    Little chat: Why is it hard to forget about someone ?

    That moment when you reached someone and started a chat with him, he immediately began planting some seeds inside of your moral patterns and heart; you can’t feel it and your mind can’t detect what is it precisely; indeed it’s already settled deep in you, you don’t see it yet it will do its duty. while your relationship grows; the seeds spread its roots through your veins. the period-for it to flower- depends on how much you’re close to that person and how many experiences you had together. But what is it exactly?the seeds are every emotional impression established by humanity, ( hate, love; anger, joy… etc.) that is launched…

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    Much to do !!

    Finally I decided to put my fingers on the keyboard, and here we go , I’m kind of a beginner or rather I actually am, so I am going to try to do it right and give the best of it , my blog is going to be a version of my lost thoughts as I call them ,thoughts that are literally scattered everywhere , and also some tips , lifestyles, and mindfulness thinkings. Hope you like it . Love under ground !