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    How to practice journaling, and make it a habit

    You want to start Journaling? let’s go! Practicing Journaling is simply putting your emotions, feelings, and thoughts on paper, ignoring all the chaos running through your mind, and being willing to surrender to the whiteness ahead of you. We can describe journaling as a mind detoxing, in which you declutter the overwhelming mental activities you’ve gone through, organize them to your liking, and put them in a more orderly area. Sometimes if not all the time, journaling is a fabulous way to come up with innovation and creativity, your mind is full of miracles, and it might come out late at night or in the early morning and surprise you…

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    10 life lessons that helped me grow as a person

    Life is the best teacher. It makes you learn, discover, and grow. Here I’m sharing 10 lessons that life has taught me so far that helped me improve my personality and grow myself. You can’t please everyone. No matter what you do, how good you do, how beautiful you are, Haters are always there, so don’t bother yourself pleasing people, Please yourself. Love yourself to make life loves you I don’t know if it happens to you or just me, but Whenever I smile at myself and take good care of my well-being, I notice that life smiles back at me hard. I see that every great thing starts with…

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    15 Toxic Habits you need to quit ASAP

    If you’re seeking success, achievements, happiness, satisfaction, complacency, confidence, productivity, and courage, you need to quit these 15 Toxic habits NOW. Waking up late. You’re missing a lot. Your morning can make your whole day. Take care of the morning, It will do the same to you. Wasting time on nothings. If it happened and you noticed that you’re spending precious time on some “not urgent” and “not important” things, just quit it and exploit it on what’s meaningful.   Doubting yourself. Doubting yourself is not the perfect way to go through. It’s self-destruction. Your strength will boom once you admit it. Believing in yourself is the key to overcome all…

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    55 questions to answer to know better yourself in 2021

    Want to know better yourself? yes you want to know it! Try answering these 55 questions; It will help you discover something new about yourself and remove the blur. Knowing who you are will make it easy on you to get things done and achieve the most of your goals plus letting opportunities knock your door. ALL WILL COME TRUE ONCE YOU KNOW YOURSELF. THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING RIGHT, JUST GIVVIT A TRY! If this article was helpful, Follow me or comment below! Always: Love yourself. Be positive. Keep motivation.

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    5 easy steps to get out of your comfort zone in 2022

    Comfort zoned!! We somehow have faith in how things take their traditional way to shine, of course, since we face no problem in finding the real experience by avoiding getting involved with risks, the risks that add the genuine flavor to our life [comfort zone]. What is the comfort zone? It describes the state of feeling protected, like standing inside a giant bulletproof bubble made with Nanotechnology ( fair enough) where you feel rested, well oriented, and calm.  Problems are not likely to come searching for you if you are unlikely to go outside and meet them. It feels like you’re used to a sort of closed-routine that made you…

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    26 Ways To Practice Self Love.

    So you’re feeling like you’re not giving yourself enough love and care, right? This feeling is widely common , we bury ourselves in work and other problems until we can’t find time for ourselves and even if we do we don’t know how ? You shouldn’t forget about falling in love with the most precious person in your life, which is you. All the time we link love to a two part relationship and ignore the one part relationship between you and yourself. but they’re combined somehow , when you ignore the second you sabotage the first . however , you can fix this relation , and spread love everywhere…

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    The 5 best inspiring Ted talks for personal growth.

    To thrive we must be in contact with things that will help us grow ourselves, we have to search and search and search to find the right way that will let us feel satisfied with our decisions and choices, feel right inside and reflect it in our actions. when you’ll find the way , nothing will stop you from being your best version. And listening is one of the best methods to establish proper behavior in terms of self-development. GOOD LISTENER NEED GOOD TALKS. Embrace the near win. SARAH LEWIS brought up a valid question and tried to cover all sides of its answer. The first thing that comes to…

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    The top 6 Self-help books that will change your life.

    Books still sometimes or rather all the time the only mean to see the world from another angle . I’ve always wanted to improve myself and change my life, I started with books and I found what I’m looking for, I’ve been questioning myself how can some complex problems had already a planned solution, that’ll show up the moment you start searching how to solve it. These books collected all my fears and problems, analyzed them, and served me the solutions on a golden plate. Believe me, you’ll feel like you’re sitting with the author, on a woody table, drinking coffee and discussing a marvelous mindset, thoughts that are going…

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    The 10 keys for a great life

    Sometimes we need to change our logic if we want a fabulous life . And the more we accept the change, the more we’re welcoming the best in our living time. Here are the 10 keys to open the door of the rosy life that you’re looking for: 1.Never be afraid to say NO It’s not harmful at all to say NO to someone. Sometimes they ask you to do something that we’re not gonna say wrong; but something you can’t really handle and maybe for some reason, it’s against your beliefs but for the sake of those who you love, you just do it. But this is 100% wrong,…

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    your thinking defines what you are .

    how many  times we see us in others souls ; we keep following them in order to know our  truth that we forbid to make  a part from us . even though we believe it sometimes we don’t want it to mess with  our reality  ; so avoiding it is the easiest way to stay steady ; but  let   us focus on believing :  You already considered a lot of  thoughts in your life and developed them to accord your  thinking style  and it doesn’t matter how or what but when ;or  rather which condition made you believe what you believed ; and how you dealt with it; and certainly…