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    How to practice journaling, and make it a habit

    You want to start Journaling? let’s go! Practicing Journaling is simply putting your emotions, feelings, and thoughts on paper, ignoring all the chaos running through your mind, and being willing to surrender to the whiteness ahead of you. We can describe journaling as a mind detoxing, in which you declutter the overwhelming mental activities you’ve gone through, organize them to your liking, and put them in a more orderly area. Sometimes if not all the time, journaling is a fabulous way to come up with innovation and creativity, your mind is full of miracles, and it might come out late at night or in the early morning and surprise you…

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    what to do when feeling overwhelmed?

    Feeling Overwhelmed? When overdoing the day to day tasks, work work work, you feel blocked at some point, you can’t focus, it just you can keep processing anything anymore, So you end up pushing it on your self hoping that it’ll pass and you’ll be back to normal and deal with the work at hand. But no, things are not happening like that, not in your case. I usually get overwhelmed and what I do is doing every single thing that can pull me away from what overwhelmed me, relax, have my time, and breathe. I call it, the ” Me Time “, If I don’t care about my self…

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    9 Things to do when feeling sad.

    Feeling SAD?! we all feel sad sometimes, and you are the only one that can save you. Take these 9 simple actions when feeling sad, you’ll feel better (: (; Love yourself, be positive , keep motivation and stay safe ! <3 <3 <3 If you liked it ,show me some love! Follow me on my socials: Latest posts :

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    Why we need attention?

    We all need attention at some point it’s a real matter to be concerned about, who has attention tend to be successful in his life; tolerant with himself and excited to reveal what is hidden beneath every vibration, but how can having attention makes you more positive and willing to move forward?     We are humans; the creatures who love to be under spotlights; we give the best when people mention compliments, we exceed ourselves when people’s talks are covering our steps; our performances; our actions, attention provides us with a path to catch; a meaning of our professionalism; the more we feel noticed; the more we keep fighting to…

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    Everyone should stay alone with himself every once in a while.

        Now and then you feel like you’re in the middle of a storm luckless missing the way out. Feeling terrified, you begin assuming moves in a rush; but what you don’t see is the way out must be made in the inside; deep inside, you should relax and calm the chaos running in your mind first then seek the exit .hold yourself; hug yourself; know your needs; feel you. ask yourself what’s wrong ? reconnect the wires. be your loyal friend that’ll be stuck with you for the eternity no matter what happens. try to recognize all you. what does it take to come out of that storm? what…

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    Hope is the cornerstone .

           Oxegen is necessary for your vitals to work  , as well as hope is necessary for your soul to keep willing to work  .        Hope can be embodied in so many things or people . such as money ; love; care ; parents ; children ; job ; study …. And So on . those stuff  could be someone’s life , someone’s motive to move on  . meaning that no matter what is hope for you ; it’s   life.          There are hundreds of cases concerning persons losing their hope in life so they chose to stop whatever is happening by ending it ; just to save…

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    Alone ?What’s Next?

    when ur left alone  ( no friends and no one caring about you –as you accept as true ) you’re going to imagine  the worst scenarios than can  ever happen to you by the  interruption of  the outside world; this is how  psychology  works . this is how your brain find a way to define what you feel exactly; by giving you images of the most unpleasant moments that you will face since your behaviours and your loneliness ; and even if they are just a trick from ur creative mind; those bunch of taps u made will set you on fire ; and not merely fire but literally on…