About me

Hello everybody !

I’m Oumaima ; the dreamer 😉 , M a physics student ; I know what I do is too far from blogging or art . but i believe that art is a way of living not to mention it’s everywere , and blogging is a way -from many- to unleash what lurks under that art.

why did I chose blogging?

writting always was a part from my reality . I remember in everytime I couldn’t talk to someone in person ; I go back to home and write the whole so-called expected conversation that could’ve been between us ; I dont know but this make me feel I’m in control ; I know it sounds weird but I liked it that way ;

whenever I was not in the mood ; I take that paper-pen in front of me and start writing a short story , maybe I was like describing my state then 😀 ; but i find it cool I mean all the girls that I know tend to eat big heavy meals just to busy themselves from overthinking or doing make up to overcome those bad feelings ; but me naaaah! XD

written is my only option when it comes to expressing my thoughts ; ideas and feelings.

something unlimited ,why not blogging !! 🙂