33 Apps that will make your life much more easier.[FREE]

After this great revolution of digital innovation, many helpful apps are now at your disposal.

Applications that will help you set a new lifestyle, establish a new way to achieve all what you’re looking for in a great rate.

It all there to simplify your life, so here My best choice of the top helpful apps that you better download ASAP!


Dropbox :

Great tool if you’re running of storage, also if you want to share files with your co-workers or team, plus you can get it all offline on the go, and it has a scan document option.

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

Sharit : 

Sharit is a file( documents,video,audio, even apk ) transfer app with high transfering speed, I just prefer it .

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .


Pocket :

Previously read it later .

I use it a lot, because with pocket you can save items ( articles, videos, web page. ) from the internet and manage them according to your liking for later reading , and once the items are saved you can read them offline too and that’s a really good feature.

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

Parallel space :

Parallel space allows you to create two different accounts for any social media platform or games, simple and efficace.

Download app here (PlayStore) .

Google keep :

This app is a To-do list mixed with notes managing , you can capture your thoughts with voice or images or text, I like this one because it’s too simple and easy .

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

Cam scanner :

You can use your phone as an image scanner, converting PNG to a PDF.

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) . : is a to-do list app with a calendar and a planner to schedual your tasks.

Easy to use .

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

Team viewer :

If you want to remote control you laptop from another device this app is your best choice,also it is effective for the online meetings and allows the file transfer between computers.

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .


Wiki how :

If you have any question starting with HOW TO ask wikihow, it has all the instructions and the tips to make it easy on you, it will guide.

download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

Quora :

Also a question-answer app but this time the answers are edited by internet users, basically they’re opinions and reviews , you can ask anything , and give your answer about everything .

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

Ted :

Ideas worths spreading.

TED provides you with talks that simplify the mechanics in which the world is running with , motivational and educational speechs, and life experiences from successful people.

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .


Ada :

Ada my health companion always in my pocket .

This app- the treasure app- helps you manage your health and understand better you case.

you are able to self-assess your symptoms and know the possible causes and also the traitement percussus , and all of that by answering some relevant questions.

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

My fitness pal :

Being the healthy and sportive you are .

You want to calculate your calories, nutrients and vitamins intake…

You want to track what you eat daily..

My fitness pal is here.

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

Ovia fertility :


Period, moods, symptoms,weight……tracker.

A calendar that record all your data.

Health tips, health assessment, predictions for ovulations, fertility facts.. and more .

All in one .

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore)

Water drink reminder :

1 : Want a drink?

2 : Yes, water please.

Download app here (PlayStore) or this one here (AppStore) .

Blue light filter : 

You want the digital eye strain reduced , get this app , it’ll help you set the right intensity and the right temperature for you .

Download app here (Playstore) .

3O Day fitness challenge :

Challenges allow us to rise.

The 30 day fitness challenge is the start point for your improvement journey .

Download app here (PlayStore) or this one here (Appstore) .

Nike :

Shouting Nike!

Nike training club is your best choice if you’re looking for the best body shape , and of course if you want to get stronger, you just need to follow tutorials and guides.

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .


Fabulous :

Fabulous is your first recommended tool if you want to plan your goals and track them along the way , it also helps you create a relevant health routine, with special steps to become your best person .

Download app here (PlayStore) or here (AppStore) .

Calm :              

Everything you need to calm, sleep and rest.

Download app here (Play Store) or here (AppStore) .

Headspace : 

All about reducing stress, relax, meditation, and motivation.

Download app here (Play Store) or here (AppStore) .

Sleep cycle :

Want to wake up without feeling tired?

This app helps you track and analyze your sleep ,also it gets you the right air for a better sleep.

It’s programmed to wake you up when you are in the light sleep phase so to not feel fatigued, and that’s considering the needed time of sleep .

Download app here (Play Store) or here (App Store) .

Daily yoga : 

Main mission: Practise yoga daily .

Download app here (Play Store) or here (AppStore) .


Canva :

Great photos resource and relevant templates to choose from.

You want your social media post to look right and good like pros , get canva!

Download app here (play Store) or here (App Store) .

Grammarly :

Now if you want to write like a pro , get grammarly!

Download app here (play Store) or here (AppStore) .


Flipboard :

What’s your passion? search and know .

the world’s news organized specially for you.

Download app here (Play Store) or here (AppStore) .

The weather channel :

I love it because it’s nothing other than smooth, simple and exact .

Download app here (Play Store) or here (AppStore) .


Google translate : 

They say to expand your knowledge circle, you must look at references of different origins. and google translate is the best choice to translate different languages.

Download app here (Play Store) or here (AppStore) .


You want to learn a new language , you got to make sure it’s downloaded!

Download app here (Play Store) or here (AppStore) .


Forest :

A smart designed focus timer .

Your mission is to plant a tree , if you stayed focused and kept the page without exiting it until the plant grows to a tree , you’ll earn points , and in the same time the task between your hand is done.

But if you exit the app and go for a distraction , the plant will die and your precious time is gone.

Download app here (Play Store) or here (AppStore) .


Another focus timer, you must stay in the app to keep calculating time.

Easy and cute.

Download app here (Play Store) .


For heavy sleepers

 Alarmy :

Alarm clock with different missions & loud ringtones to get you off of that bed .

Download app here (Play Store) or here ( AppStore) .

Shake it alarm :

Shake it to shut it!

Download app here (Play Store) .

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