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55 questions to answer to know better yourself in 2021

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Want to know better yourself? yes you want to know it!

Try answering these 55 questions; It will help you discover something new about yourself and remove the blur.

Knowing who you are will make it easy on you to get things done and achieve the most of your goals plus letting opportunities knock your door.


  1. What do I like the most about myself?
  2. What is my ambition?
  3. 2 Reasons that make me smile?
  4. If I have an infinity of books, What kind I would like to read?
  5. If there’s a large garden full of flowers in front of me, What flower I’m going to pick, what color?
  6. Tea with cookies or coffee with brownies?
  7. What do I hate the most about Myself?
  8. What would I like to change in me?
  9. What inspires me?
  10. What subjects If It happened and found people discussing it, It’ll be hard for me to stay without interfering and sharing my opinion?
  11. Do I believe in my instincts?
  12. I Decide using my: Heart, Mind, or both?
  13. 5 Things I’m Thankful for?
  14. If I have a magic wand, What’s the first dream I’ll make it comes true?
  15. What’s the first thought I have when hearing: success in life?
  16. What are my life goals?
  17. I prefer: listening or speaking?
  18. I like to have the responsibility and ask for it or not?
  19. What’s my ideal place to recover from daily stressful problems?
  20. What are my ways to boost my energy?
  21. I’m an early bird or a night owl?
  22. I care about managing my timeline or I let everything run its way?
  23. I care about facts or experiences?
  24. How much am I concerned about my health?
  25. Who’s my Idol?
  26. How Many Times am I willing to sacrifice for What I want?
  27. Am I afraid of failure?
  28. What kind of lifestyle I like?
  29. 4 Reasons can force me to quit my goals?
  30. 5 Things I don’t like about people?
  31. What motivates me?
  32. Describe me in one word?
  33. What I need to keep moving forward?
  34. What would I choose If a fairy decided to give me 3 powers?
  35. Do I value time?
  36. If someone asked me to choose between visiting the whole world or space, What would I choose?
  37. Do I respond (Decide) fast or slow?
  38. Am I scared of the future?
  39. I want to be right or famous?
  40. Staying alone or surrounded by people?
  41. My level in convincing people:?
  42. One quote that inspires me the most?
  43. What’s the thing without it I can’t move?
  44. Hobbies that I can’t stay without practicing it?
  45. Wrong habits that I believe someday I’ll quit?
  46. Listen or read?
  47. Family vacations, with friends or solo?
  48. Do I believe in self-love? do I Practice it?
  49. I adopt good vibes from who/what?
  50. What’s my best version? If I’m not me, who would I be?
  51. I’m proud of:?
  52. What’s my favorite movie, song, book? and why?
  53. what’s My vision for the next 5 years?
  54. If I can change the world, What would I change?
  55. What skills I want to have?


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Love yourself.

Be positive.

Keep motivation.

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