9 Effective Tips to better time management

Time management

We All suffer sometimes if not all the time from the problem of Time management , either because we have a lot to do and we”re confused due to the short time that we have , either because we have nothing to do so we need to search for somethings to do thus being confused because of the short time again , both ways we need a solution to manage our time.

here are the best 9 time management tips that going to put rise your productivity during the day if not your life.

you can’t Plan without a notebook or an agenda who says the opposite lies, make sure you have a one!

Analyze the problem.

know what exactly prevented you from doing what you’re aiming for in time , try to define it as an enemy that is doing its best to forbid you from being the one you want to be. there’s no time for time wasters when it comes to being responsible and realistic.

1. Start with an affirmation

Believe that you can .

2. Set goals.

the first step everytime is to set some targets ,daily,monthy…it’s up to you.

But never forget that they should be :

  • clear : if your targets wasn’t clear , you’ll be unable to hit them correctly
  • attainable : your goals must be accessible , don’t go for the once that you can’t afford Now.
  • measurable: chose goals that you can seize and shape , specific ones.
  • realistic:don’t mix goals with dreams.but reasonable goal help you reach a reasonable dream.
  • written: your goals should be written if it’s to consider them goals rather than thoughts.

3. Imagine.

After writing your goals, imagine yourself doing them , and enjoying the results of your work, feeling satisfied when everything is done.

4. plan.

Planning is always considered like a complicated mission,why ?

Because you have to identify your priorities and put them first , it sounds easy but the majority doesn’t know how.

The best way to set a great plan for your goals and accomplish the most of them if not all is this :

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you have to seperate the urgent from the important and then the Not for now tasks.

And if you have a lot of important tasks try to put them in order too :

  • Important 1
  • Important 2
  • Important 3

you’re not starting the important things before finishing the urgent ones, and also you will not start the ” not for now” tasks if you didn’t finish the important once.

Try to cut the goals into small subgoals to make it easy on you .

5. Put deadlines.

we work hard when we commit to deadlines.

Chose reasonable deadlines for your tasks/goals , Don’t rush yourself , put the exact time that you believe you’re going to finish the work by .

6. Break times.

Don’t work non-stop , and don’t overthink non-stop.

you’re physically and mentally need to rest and quit the focus mode for sometime.

7. Bring what you need.

If you want to start the work , prepare the space for it .

8. See you goals continually.

Put them in front of you as a reminder ” you have to do them now before tomorrow “.

9.Track them.

Pay attention to the progress.

Write a summary of what you did and what you didn’t at the end of the day.

Know if your method works or not , what you need to change and what you must add.

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