What to do when feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck?!

we keep working, working, working suddenly we stop🤕 .

Being stuck😳 is not the only problem that we’re concerned about, there’s also the willingness to move out of that black hole, who doesn’t want to take the action won’t get anywhere.
The noun stuck summarize the state where you can go neither in nor out, and that’s due to :
Losing trails of your work, your life, or your relations.🐾
Losing faith in yourself . ( self-confidence is damaged )
Admitting that time isn’t enough for what you’re doing.🤷
Bad planning👎; that the daily tasks start to look massive and unbearable.

Those reasons are sufficient to make you feel grounded, like so into not finishing what you’ve started.

but here some tips if you want to restart your mind 🤗and stop feeling stuck:
two conditions, before heading to the tips

Readiness to change🧐.

Before you start, have some desire first.
if you’re not committed to it, you’re not accepting the change, and you will get lost even more.

Get a notebook✏️📒.

No smartphone, no applications, no distraction, only pen, and papers.
A notebook can be friendly, it can help you seize everything around you, declutter your mind and break down the doubts. knowing the very meaning of each word you write can encourage you to give more.

so here you’re ready, all that’s coming after is easy-😇-easy, as long as you’re willing too move forward and get out of that hole :

let’s start with▫️▫️▫️

Morning pages:

Don’t hear morning pages and assume writing FULL PAGES🥺, it Can be only a few lines, or even a one if you want.

we’re not talking about quantity but quality, so as much as your words contain meaningful sense as much as it will push you to win the day ahead.
and, of course, you’re asking now what should I write in those so-called ” morning pages”, I’ll tell you :
you can-literally- write ANYTHING that comes to your mind: ideas💡, feelings, dreams, promises, silly jokes, NASA’s high tech rockets doodles🚀…(yes, don’t underestimate yourself), and don’t forget about mentioning everyone/everything that you’re thankful for, because this admittance acts as a CPR for your soul🎐. there’s nothing more refreshing than feeling like you’re supported and protected.
Why the morning? simply it’s the start time🌅, the morning is the RISE time🌄, the time when the brain reaches his maximum capacity of understanding, realization, and imagination💫.
Most well-known successful people tend to do the majority of their work in the mornings, so we can say that the day is the morning😊.

Work smarter🙆:

A step is planned previously, why not your day?
I want to plan but how?
First, you have to prioritize your tasks, from the more important to the less important, and for that, I recommend-as the whole productivity community- the EISENHOWER MATRIX🤓 :

Don’t spend an extra time on a task that only worths half of it.

Time⏳ is the only abstract subject that isn’t for sale🚫,so even the hundredth consideration sometime isn’t enough,matter of fact your time should be under the watch of both your unconsciousness and consciousness.

Sometimes we let our creative side take the best of us😕, letting time slip out of the hand, leading us to feel somehow stuck☹️.

So it would be better to give that side some instructions and restrict it, some of you will say { creativity is fun!!! Come on let it out!! 😁},But hear me out have a tendency toward amusement can ruin your mindful life,the life that had been built on progressing aims,goals in which you’re visioning your future. It can effect all your decisions,turning them to nothing but junk, a junk with no logical context😐.


Pulic library

words are hidden treasure💎💍👑.
sit and pick a book 📖( articles📄 ), it doesn’t matter which kind ( motivational, scientific, science fiction, drama …) as long as it injects lessons inside your head, examples, challenges, data, and above all of that success shadows ready for you to grasp.

so steak to a reading habit, and pick some books .


Before and after every task try to relax a bit , cut all the negativity🙅.


Keep yourself fit💁.

Follow a workout plan, stay active, change your mental struggle with calories and lose them.
Exercising gives you the readiness that you need to overcome laziness and procrastination.
Somehow it makes all of it look easy and able to be solved.
We can describe Physical training as a well-seasoned therapy session that can make things go smoothly while you’re mentally rested.


While running, driving, eating or waiting for an appointment, instead of listening to music or scrolling the social media If you’d like to, you can listen to an audiobook (one of your favorites), by the time you’ll see that you improved some of your skills that You didn’t even know that you have in the first place😉.

Go for a run🏃:

Run out of the box, just run, the reasons why? you’ll get to know them after on your own.

Chat with someone🗣️👤:

Share your thoughts with someone that has the same perspective as you, let him lighten you up with some fresh ideas of how to stay in control of the progress.
Don’t be afraid of asking questions👎, we’re all good students we just have to find a good teacher.
Catch the one and drown him with questions. Share everything that seems wrong/ right for you.but make sure you’re talking with the right person ( personally I prefer strangers 😅)
Asking questions is not a self underestimating as staying weak, waiting for the healing time running from answers, actually, answers won’t come on its own, even if you’re willing to pay millions. indeed this will make stuck even more.


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