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5 easy steps to get out of your comfort zone in 2022

Comfort zone

Comfort zoned!!

We somehow have faith in how things take their traditional way to shine, of course, since we face no problem in finding the real experience by avoiding getting involved with risks, the risks that add the genuine flavor to our life [comfort zone].

What is the comfort zone?

It describes the state of feeling protected, like standing inside a giant bulletproof bubble made with Nanotechnology ( fair enough) where you feel rested, well oriented, and calm. 

Problems are not likely to come searching for you if you are unlikely to go outside and meet them.

It feels like you’re used to a sort of closed-routine that made you feel happy and pretty satisfied for a moment, and no stress added. But not for long, Only because time changes, relations change, the whole world is changing at a quick pace, you are not going to be able to easy-go with it if you still preferring to stay happy with what you got.

Life requires more effort and more initiative; if you want to realize an idea, goal, or dream, you need help ( no lies), yes people’s, nature’s help, you have to snatch it.

How to get out of your comfort zone?

Follow these five steps, and let’s see :

Think : 

Sit alone, answer these questions:

How do you feel now?

What makes you in search of a way out?

What are the things that are no longer satisfying you?

What are your goals?

Are your dreams hard to realize while you’re inside?

What’s stopping you from pursuing your dreams, goals, and relations?

Are you ready to sacrifice your security?

For the record, getting out of the comfort zone isn’t and wasn’t and will never be risking yourself.

Dream :

Start reviving your dreams, the ones that you’ve been dreaming, and storing in the back of your head, without putting an actual plan for them.

It’s okay if you don’t know what to dream or forget about all the dreaming process. It’s normal because you eliminated the floor where it was supposed to land ( your dreams ), but we are gifted; dreaming is a blessing.

Close your eyes; Imagine; what an outstandingly beautiful place you got yourself in.

It’s impossible to realize a dream without having a pre-assumption or a feeling of experience it.

It’s not our problem; what you need to do is to set goals that help shape dreams.

PS: Not all dreams realizable.


Beautiful designs are waiting for you!

Ask :

Start asking about the paths that you’re going to walk through.

Meet people, see their point of view, Collect as many ideas as you can while keeping in mind what’re you seeking to find.

Ask for nature’s help, see how our planet ignores all the boundaries, and surprise us with miracles that blow the mind from nowhere. Do you think it’s still in its comfort zone? It’s not About feeling safe; It’s about feeling complete and capable.

Discover : 

Quit the habits that are no longer flourishing you and no longer make you think outside the box, and put new ones on your tracking calendar; that direct your whole focus on what’s needed to fulfill the valuable desire, which is outside the box. 

Replace what is pulling you back with what’s pushing you forward, Getting you out of that bubble to a new pleasing lifestyle.

Discover tricks; that’ll guarantee your survival in the most demanding circumstances, follow your intuition, the voice that blooms from inside, pick the right chances, and build the safest course upon them.

Challenge yourself to discover more gradually.

The more you challenged yourself, the more you live your best version of life.

Dare :

Dare, If you want to get out.

That’s the more difficult step of them all.

Be careful where to step.

It’s not an actual dare rather than experience what you fed your mind.

If you are determined and the Third plus the fourth steps were well-done, you will feel hangry to reveal the results, which bore those preparations.

Who’s running from his comfort zone will likely desire to see himself doing what someday felt like impossible for him to do.

This urge will shut all the voices that are telling you to stop, and the only voice; that you’ll hear in the background will be: You wanted to see who you are; go ahead; it’s waiting for you.

How do you know that you’re out of your comfort zone?

These characteristics will help you recognize it.

  1. You’re thirsty for the risky choices.
  2. You say: “yes” more often.
  3. You volunteer a lot.
  4. You’re always searching for a new environment.
  5. You’re trying different ways every time for the same purpose.
  6. You’re curious.

Love yourself, be positive, keep motivation and stay safe! <3 <3 <3

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