3 Books to Master the Art of Setting Goals

We need to master the art of setting goals because sometimes our aims may be out of range and not realistic enough to stick with us till the end.

The inappropriate goal-setting misleads us and ruins the image of our dreams; hence makes our journey -to fulfill our purposes- unstable and prone to a lot of disappointments and fails.

Setting goals requires Stragical thinking, a Definite timeline, and a clear vision of what you truly believe in and desire.

I used to have a blurry sight of what I want, But after reading these three books, I decided to shoot my goals to serve my expectations.

One goal generates another till realizing my ideal intention.

Learn the art of setting goals and Achieve the most of the right valid targets.

Take a look at The three life-changing books that taught me the right methods of Setting goals : 

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The miracle morning by Hal Elrod


The book is a miracle!

This book is your ideal Life-changing Expert; It discusses the most beneficial methods – to embrace success and win your days- as a morning ritual.

The book shows you all the brilliant ways you need to improve and transform your life to bring it to the highest levels starting with your morning.

It includes all the morning actions that help boost your concentration, motivation, self-esteem, and self-awareness. The book is a lifesaver. Its pages are full of thriving steps and acts that help you pursue your goals and convince yourself to accept greatness and success in your journey.

And as the morning is the day, It all starts with habits, and soon it transforms into beliefs. Success is right in you.

If you aim to raise levels, this book is for you.

One of my favorite lines from the book ( This quote is too much, certainly will change something within you ):

“Love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams. Don’t think you have to choose one over the other.”

Goals-Advanced life skills by Brian Tracy

The A to Z Guide.

The mission of the book is to prepare you to get what you want as fast as possible, 

And know how to orient your potential to the right targets; and what are your True goals.

It contains all the measures you need to come up with a definite purpose and form the right goals to serve it properly,

 also how to overcome goal breakers and persist until victory.

It is the subtle guide of the art of setting goals, Where you can find precious information about advanced skills and plenty of Success stories that will lighten your creativity and unleash your powers.

If I can define this book as a treasure, I will !!!

It is so precise and detailed. I just love how the writer writes like He is sipping coffee with you. 

 One of my favorite lines from the book ( It is all favorited hh) :

“Life is more like a buffet or cafeteria than it is a restaurant. In a restaurant, you eat the complete dinner and then you pay the bill. But in a buffet or cafeteria, you have to serve yourself, and pay in full before you enjoy the meal.”

Get Smart!_ How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field by Brian Tracy

Representing the ultimate guide to learn how successful people think, act, and keep their progress leveled up.

It inspires you to use your full potential and become what you desire to be.

This book is the one if you want to discover the different types of thinking, the difference between them, and how to practice each activity and improve your days with actionable exercises.

Imagine talking to a Millionaire, giving you his precious time, the experiences he accumulated years and years, and his Marvelous secrets to realizing success with his profound Steps from Zero to the highest level; you picture that? That is how this book will feel like, NO Exaggeration. I hardly recommend it.

One of my favorite lines from the book ( Happiness = Success ) :

“The true measure of how successful you are in life is how happy you are -most of the time.”

Those were My (best of the best) recommendations to master the art of setting goals. You need to quit dreaming only and take action.

The first step is always hard but aim and never Quit.

You will meet miracles at the end. 

Don’t forget to :

Love Yourself.

Be Positive.

Keep Motivation.

Stay Safe.

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