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26 Ways To Practice Self Love.

So you’re feeling like you’re not giving yourself enough love and care, right?

This feeling is widely common , we bury ourselves in work and other problems until we can’t find time for ourselves and even if we do we don’t know how ?

You shouldn’t forget about falling in love with the most precious person in your life, which is you.

All the time we link love to a two part relationship and ignore the one part relationship between you and yourself. but they’re combined somehow , when you ignore the second you sabotage the first .

however , you can fix this relation , and spread love everywhere too.

Start the self-love journey with these 26 Fabulous Steps:

1. wake up early:

If you love yourself, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the early refreshing air.

2. have a tea with yourself:

Drink tea, juice, or some fresh drink in the morning and listen to the voice inside your mind talking.

3. Feel your body.

I know it sounds weird, but take it seriously, appreciate your well-being, you don’t want your hands and legs to feel they don’t belong to the same body, just think of it.

4. Have a warm refreshing bath .

Bathtime is the best time to reunite with yourself, when water is running on your body you feel more appreciative and thankful.

5. Skin care Routine .

Have a daily skin care routine, refresh your look everyday.

6. Practice Mindfulness .

Consider writing every morning 3 great things that you’re thankful for , starting with number one : you.

Practice self-compassion , give it to yourself before the others.

7. write affirmations.

Wake up on an affirmation everyday .

Reading an affirmation the first thing when you wake up in the morning will boost your whole day and will make you shine with a permanent smile on your face . (you heard what you want to hear why not enjoying it ).

8. Stop feeling guilty .

We commit mistakes , we all do, no one is perfect ,but time is short , life is short , it’s obvious that you didn’t like your choices , neither your decisions sometimes, but you can’t keep it like that .

What about your life ?what about your other choices that are waiting for you ? is it the end? of course not , there are lot of directions , you choose one and you failed , you’re going to cease searching for another ? no , you will get up and start again but with another one , another decision.

Never misunderstand guitliness, it was never defined as hating yourself , your mistakes reflect you . its true, we can’t say the opposite, but it also reflects how you felt that time not what you feel all the time , not what you are, and that’s for sure.

9. Set limits.

Say *No* to whatever stands between you and yourself, anything that doesn’t make you feel loved or appreciated.

10. Take your negativity and throw it away.

We don’t want negative thoughts lurking around you , its one and only job is to make you feel vulnerable and bring out the bad habit of hating yourself , search for positivity everyday , note it as a daily permanent goal you can’t move without it .

11. Sit with people who love you without condition.

In the journey of self-love, you need elites who are going to support you and encourage you to feel it more true.

12. Be more you.

If you don’t behave as yourself, the journey will be pointless .

Being more you , will help you to see yourself clearer and natural, which is going to make you unscared to reveal your precious identity to the world and showing how much you love yourself .

13. Accept your feelings.

If you want to love yourself accept whatever feeling you experience, don’t say ” I don’t supposed to feel this way” or “is it worthy to feel like that?” , because you underestimate your mental capabilities , you push away your true inner soul and someday when you’re going to need it, it won’t be there for you.

14. Have enough sleep .

An easy way to thank yourself about his/her loyal services is to sleep for enough time.

Let’s say you’re talking with someone, and he asked you ” how many hours you sleep? “.

You answered ” 4 hours”

What is going to be his reaction?

Probably you don’t love yourself enough , you don’t even think about your health !

15. Exercice.

Get in shape!

16. Increase the level of your expectations.

Show me what’s your expectations , I’ll show you how much you love yourself .

Don’t play low always make your game field on the top until you’re on the top and proud of yourself.

17. Do what you love.

Doing what you love represents The appreciation of what you want so as yourself.

18. Make yourself your first priority.

Without a CEO there’s no company.

Your the CEO of your life , take care of yourself.

19. Read books.

Books are your soul’s food . 6 self-help books that change life

20. Don’t feel ashamed

Remember you love yourself,you have to be proud of being different.

21. Clean your space.

Cleaning where you sit , work or sleep will help you to be more productive and motivated plus bring you the mental relief that you need to release your creativity .

22. Consume only the good things.

Dont bother with the bad things .

23. Go shopping.

Buy yourself what you love , what about some chocolate and flowers .

24. Write letters to yourself.

write couple of letters and hide them in places where you know you can find them later on someday and read them.

25. Cook for yourself what you love.

Some of us love fast snacks , why not trying to prepare them by yourself step by step and put your personal touch on them.

26. Practice your hobbies often more.

you don’t love yourself if you are not unleashing your powers.

I hope it was useful 🙂

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Love yourself <3 .

Be positive .

Stay safe.

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