Ways to build confidence

How To Build your Confidence,17 Ways to do it.

17 Ways To Build Confidence

You’re here because you want to build some confidence, right?

CONFIDENCE comes from within you, your passion, and your expectations.

Know How to build your confidence and catch opportunities with these 17 amazing .

1.Fake it until you make it

I am confident. Say it like you already are.

2.Exercise and eat healthy.

Good health and good shape never disappoint.

3.Think positive about yourself will help you improve your confidence.

Stop pulling yourself down with negative comments, judgments, and self-doubt, instead embrace yourself and fill your mind with positive affirmations.

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4.Give yourself more compliments.

It’s not always about people giving us compliments; sometimes, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and give some to yourself; whatever you say, keep it lovely.

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17 Ways To Build Confidence

5.your posture is key.

Poor sitting or standing habits can cause bad posture, which may significantly reduce your self-confidence.

Some tips to improve your posture and eventually build your confidence :

1: keep your head always straight. 

2: keep your shoulders back.

3: when using your phone, raise your hand to shoulder level.

4: when studying or working on your laptop, try to move the chair closer to the desk until you feel your spine straightened.

5: Sleep on your back, and make sure to put your head pillow at the same level as your body. and for side sleeping cravers, curling up sleeping is not good for your posture.

6.Dress up differently.

Your wear shows the first impression.

Care more about how you dress. It’s one of the main factors that show how much you’re determined and self-aware.

7.Learn more every day.

The more you know, the more you can control everything around you. Try to learn new skills every day, and make it a habit.

8.Challenge yourself and be confident about it.

We grow once we challenge ourselves.

You have to keep getting into new adventures, meeting new people, and getting creative along the way.

9.Believe that you’ve got only yourself.

No matter how many connections you create, you’ve got only yourself at the end. So make sure to give it the care it deserves.

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10.Make your words special. 

You want to build your confidence, you got to have your own touch, Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Let them remember you by your words, your actions, your charm, and your magic.

Have your singularity, be unique.

13.Mindset, Mindset, Mindset.

To show your confidence, you need to have the mindset of a confident person.

Read books, listen to podcasts or watch bibliographies. Those will grow your personality and help improve your mindset. 

14.Plan your future.

You are more confident; when you have your steps planned.

15.Get out of your comfort zone.

What pulls you back needs to be removed, Try to slowly change yourself and your environment. create new routines that can get you out of the pattern.

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16.Have your own rules and limits.

Don’t let others put rules on your behalf, It’s you, the pen’s owner. 

17.People’s opinions about you are not your problem.

Don’t overthink it. It means nothing.

Wish you a great time 🙂

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