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15 Toxic Habits you need to quit ASAP

If you’re seeking success, achievements, happiness, satisfaction, complacency, confidence, productivity, and courage, you need to quit these 15 Toxic habits NOW.

Waking up late.

You’re missing a lot.

Your morning can make your whole day.

Take care of the morning, It will do the same to you.

Wasting time on nothings.

If it happened and you noticed that you’re spending precious time on some “not urgent” and “not important” things, just quit it and exploit it on what’s meaningful.  

Doubting yourself.

Doubting yourself is not the perfect way to go through.

It’s self-destruction.

Your strength will boom once you admit it.

Believing in yourself is the key to overcome all obstacles.

Ignoring Opportunities.

Stop doing it.

Everything may seem hard at the beginning, once you get to explore it, your magic kicks in, and great things happen.

Give yourself a chance, You deserve it.

Not eating healthy.

The healthy mind is in The healthy body.

Your mind needs ideas.

your body needs healthy food.

Miracles on the way.

Thinking till the last minute.

The minute 90!!

Think early, rethink early, change early, revise early, finish early, relax.

Not giving yourself time.

What happens if you overwhelm your laptop with commands?

It shuts down.

The same as you, have your peace periods. 

 Rest, stop your thinking flow, and organize your thoughts. 


Don’t split your mind.

If you’re not giving it you’re whole heart and mind, Don’t do it.

Multitasking kills your creativity.

Completing a task prepare you for the next, It gives you the satisfaction you need to keep going.

Taking things too personally.

It ruins you.

What they say is their problem, what They think is non of your business.

What matters is what you think about yourself.

Always thinking negatively.

You’re too far from starting your journey if you keep thinking It negatively.

Positive thinking won’t harm you!

Stop bringing Dark images to your life.

Not willing to change.

Do you want to improve your life?

Price: Change something in it first.

Seeking people’s pity.

Don’t be people’s pleaser.

Don’t wait for people’s validation for your acts, emotions, and feelings.

It’s a real problem, they will always consider you as powerless person with no personality.

Pretending to be someone you’re not.

You’ll lose trust, You will lose the most precious thing in your life, YOU!

Slowly you’ll forget your worth, your purpose, and your true self.

Living only with imitation and masks that you can’t take off in public.

Over-worry about your weaknesses.

Know that no one is perfect, We all learn, we all try to cope with the world.

You have to build skills that”ll cover your weaknesses.

Trying to put everything under control.

100% or not?

It’s pretty hard to control everything and predict success/failure.

Some results can be unavoidable.



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