15 productive things to do when staying at home

Productive while staying home!

From time to time we run out of responsibilities, and sometimes we’re forced to stay at home with no other choice ( and likely because of some wild coronavirus epidemic ).

Home is your ideal place if you want to launch the energy within you, to let yourself shine a little.

The first thing you need to do when staying at home and aiming to be productive is to avoid the time-wasters, such as:

  •    Social media infinite scrolling.
  •    Over-sleeping, until you cannot differentiate between your day and night.
  •    Over-eating: it’s a real issue when you can’t stop yourself from taking massive amount of snacks just to overcome boredness, till you end up emptying the whole kitchen stock.
  •     Spending hours on Movies: this very common, the pleasure that we feel while watching movies is above imagination, which makes us addicted to watching more, and waste more time in the process.

    You must cancel those habits if you want to develop yourself and control your present and why not your future.

Now when you’re staying home, we don’t want you to spend your time on something unbeneficial or in some way doesn’t affect you positively, the actions that I’m going to share with you is more than helpful ( I’m talking about the long term time ) :


yes, reading.

Aim for a reading challenge chose a book and try to finish it in one week,15 days…

Play with chapters, for example, 1 chapter or 2 / 2 hrs per day.  

Read what you love, and what will make you better in something.

Check This one : The top 6 self-help books that will change your life .

You can download The free printable To-Do lists templates .


Try to follow some exercising plans, morning stretches, afternoon squats, you’re free to choose:

Fitness training plan: ( 500 Calories Fat burning plan )

  • 20 SQUATS
  • 15 PUSH-UPS

Repeat 3 times and take 2 min rest .

You can check the HEALTH AND FITNESS section in this post : 33 [FREE] apps that will make your life much more easier .


No matter what kind (Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap Dancing, Modern, Jazz, Highland Dancing, Lyrical, Contemporary ….)

Shake your body to shake off laziness.

 Dancing has been approved for its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, plus improving conditions of your heart and lungs, not to mention to generate better flexibility and enhancing muscle strength.

Moreover, it increases self-confidence and self-esteem.


  A clean place helps reducing stress and allergies Plus make you feel how productive you are.

Plus it’s the greatest way if you want to clear up your mind and free up the negative thoughts.

Also decorating your home, or room can help to increase the motivation towards your daily life, and bring your creative soul out.


30 mins early in the morning.

30 mins before heading to your bed.

Meditation has a lot of benefits based on science :

  • The most common benefit is reducing the mental and physical stress ending with less anxiety.
  • It makes you more aware of yourself and your surroundings.
  • Meditation can also reduce depression symptoms.
  • Meditation can improve your self-confidence and leads you to be more positive in life.
  • It can reduce the memory loss condition-that is related to aging_realizing good mental clarity.
  • Meditation improves sleep and decreases blood pressure.


As a part from the Meditation process , practice some yoga’s poses


Prepare yourself and head to the kitchen.

Try new recipes, find your passion, salty or sweet doesn’t matter, as long as you’re having fun.

Make sure you tasted it before baking it!


E-learning is a wonderful miracle.

You can learn literally anything, a few clicks can bring the world most wanted courses into your hands, so why not exploiting your time and investing in yourself?

Enroll in courses and get your certificate online.

There’s plenty of online course websites at your disposal, ready for you to join it, such as:

 You can learn cooking, photographing, drawing, design, first aid training courses, finance, bureautics, programming, HTML, C++….what comes to your mind.

If you’re willing to, you can start learning a new language, and as long as I said new languages are new worlds, each world has its own matrix, and we must identify it, but after metricizing the code.

 And choosing a language has nothing to do with your country location.

People believing in the fact that we should learn the language that we are in contact with :

 I’m a spanish, french is my choice and enough.

 But no, the more you take languages, the more you get to grow your dictionary and indirectly enrich your mind with a lot of references.

 I decided to learn chinese, I don’t know but I feel like I’m missing a lot of knowledge considering that the Chinese culture has a lot of hidden treasures, and I have no other choice to discover them other than having their code in my pocket.


Search for extra information that can improve from your work/study outcome and help you to step forward in your career.

Also, try to precede your actual life (career life ) while sitting at home, by adding more skills and experiences to your achievement list.


Pour every single question or comment you have in that group, bring out great topics to talk about and analyze it.


Have a little fun, but don’t over-exaggerate.

  The main reason is to laugh, to bring joy to the moment, and to train your brain.

  Playing with your family members or kids is a gift, and God knows which game you enjoy the most !!

I recommend Parshisi a fascinating online/offline game that I really love :

Here is the link: parchisi


You shouldn’t forget about your skin when staying at home.

Follow a skincare ritual every day , drink water for a fresh skin and have a bubble bath.Do everything that will make you have that positive outlook toward yourself.


movie time

Pick a movie and create the ambiance with your family, reconnect with yourself and them.

14. Put on clothes and take some pics:

Show yourself some love, BE AWESOME !

15. DIY, art & crafts:

Unleash your creativity and try some DIYs, you can find plenty of crafts videos on youtube so givvit a try! feel the productive aura.

Feeling Sad? Check this out!

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  • katurchin

    These are great tips! I found that my first week of home I spent a lot of time on my phone, but I’ve been trying to put my energy elsewhere. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and working out. I’m thinking of starting some online classes to keep busy. Thanks for the tips!

  • katurchin

    These are great tips! I found that my first week of home I spent a lot of time on my phone, but I’ve been trying to put my energy elsewhere. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and working out. I’m thinking of starting some online classes to keep busy. Thanks for the tips!

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