10 Questions to answer to overcome procrastination

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You definitely want to overcome procrastination!

Procrastination kills our ambition, our goals, our improvement .

Procrastination is one of the obstacles that we should conquer more than once.

Here’s a post talking about the depths of procrastination, its causes, and how to motivate yourself: Go Check it.

In this post, I’ll put at your disposal 10 questions to ask yourself if you really want to beat procrastinating and get things done.

1. What am I doing now?

Set a definition for the activity that you’re practicing now.

2. Why is it preventing me from getting my tasks done?

Find the reasons why it stops you from being productive.

3. Is it helping me somehow?

What advantages gives you? is it helping you improve or not?

4. What goals I want to achieve Now?

Write down your tasks that needed to be done today before tomorrow.

5. Do I want to fail?

Think slowly

6. I measure my day in ( day and night ), (hours) or (minutes)?

How you measure your day plays an important role in your life, setting deadlines and stressing helps to finish most of the work.

7. How much hours I want to waste ?

Answer honestly and fastly.

8. My goals isn’t enough to motivate me?

You’re picking cold goals or you’re not sure about your goals , confusion always happens , choose the right ones.

9. Is the first step seems hard?

The first step is always hard, you have to take action .

If you are able to get it done , believe me what comes next will be finished before you know it.

10. Is it hard for me to keep the positive energy to hit my targets?

In order to be successful in our lives, we must embrace persistence and perseverance, No matter how variable your goal is, you have to increase your positive energy to fit it, and always find a way to boost that energy.

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Don’t forget to :

Love yourself, Be positive, Keep motivation and Stay Safe.

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