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    Elementor #1092

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    what to do when feeling overwhelmed?

    Feeling Overwhelmed? When overdoing the day to day tasks, work work work, you feel blocked at some point, you can’t focus, it just you can keep processing anything anymore, So you end up pushing it on your self hoping that it’ll pass and you’ll be back to normal and deal with the work at hand. But no, things are not happening like that, not in your case. I usually get overwhelmed and what I do is doing every single thing that can pull me away from what overwhelmed me, relax, have my time, and breathe. I call it, the ” Me Time “, If I don’t care about my self…

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    7 steps to motivate the s*** out of yourself.

    Feeling unmotivated? Not every day we feel motivated and kind of willing to get our tasks done and move on to the next step. sometimes it feels weird to stay motivated but for our future and self-improvement’s sake, we must seek motivation and keep it as much as we can. Here are 7 ways to give yourself a little push and rock it! Think about your dreams : write your dreams on a paper because we don’t want them to fly away. Look at them regularly make them your air, you’re breathing because of your dreams, think of the person that you would be if you realized them, Personally, I…

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    10 Questions to answer to overcome procrastination

    You definitely want to overcome procrastination! Procrastination kills our ambition, our goals, our improvement . Procrastination is one of the obstacles that we should conquer more than once. Here’s a post talking about the depths of procrastination, its causes, and how to motivate yourself: Go Check it. In this post, I’ll put at your disposal 10 questions to ask yourself if you really want to beat procrastinating and get things done. 1. What am I doing now? Set a definition for the activity that you’re practicing now. 2. Why is it preventing me from getting my tasks done? Find the reasons why it stops you from being productive. 3. Is…

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    43 positive self-affirmation that will change your life

    Affirmations can help you boost your self-awareness and worth. Affirmations can change your life and bring out the energy you want! Here are 43 positive affirmations to boost your energy, confidence, and positivity. I’m enough. I deserve the best. I can Do it. I got this. I believe in my abilities. I respect, I deserve to be respected. I have hopes, dreams, and goals. I have passion and ambition. I run away from my comfort zone to improve myself. I’m strong. I’m Always grateful. I trust My inner strength. I’m proud of myself, my opinions, and decisions. I can be the best version of myself. I’m willing to succeed I…

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    55 questions to answer to know better yourself in 2021

    Want to know better yourself? yes you want to know it! Try answering these 55 questions; It will help you discover something new about yourself and remove the blur. Knowing who you are will make it easy on you to get things done and achieve the most of your goals plus letting opportunities knock your door. ALL WILL COME TRUE ONCE YOU KNOW YOURSELF. What do I like the most about myself? What is my ambition? 2 Reasons that make me smile? If I have an infinity of books, What kind I would like to read? If there’s a large garden full of flowers in front of me, What flower…

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    9 Effective Tips to better time management

    We All suffer sometimes if not all the time from the problem of Time management , either because we have a lot to do and we”re confused due to the short time that we have , either because we have nothing to do so we need to search for somethings to do thus being confused because of the short time again , both ways we need a solution to manage our time. here are the best 9 time management tips that going to put rise your productivity during the day if not your life. you can’t Plan without a notebook or an agenda who says the opposite lies, make sure…

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    Highly productive people’s morning routine

    Aiming to be productive isn’t difficult at all. it’s all about exploiting your time in beneficial things that will help you improve yourself instead of spending it in some passive activities that will make you regret your decisions even more. The first step to being productive is your morning . The day is the morning, so if you want to have a great productive day, start with a great productive morning. Now let’s see how productive people live their mornings . First thing first : They wake up early. There is no morning if you don’t wake up early, you find them off of the bed at 4:00 am, 5:00…

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    5 easy steps to get out of your comfort zone in 2021

    Comfort zoned!! We somehow have faith in how things take their traditional way to shine, of course, since we face no problem in finding the real experience by avoiding getting involved with risks, the risks that add the genuine flavor to our life [comfort zone]. What is the comfort zone? It describes the state of feeling protected, like standing inside a giant bulletproof bubble made with Nanotechnology ( fair enough) where you feel rested, well oriented, and calm.  Problems are not likely to come searching for you if you are unlikely to go outside and meet them. It feels like you’re used to a sort of closed-routine that made you…

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    26 Ways To Practice Self Love.

    Valentine’s is just around the corner ! So you’re feeling like you’re not giving yourself enough love and care, right? This feeling is widely common , we bury ourselves in work and other problems until we can’t find time for ourselves and even if we do we don’t know how ? You shouldn’t forget about falling in love with the most precious person in your life, which is you. All the time we link love to a two part relationship and ignore the one part relationship between you and yourself. but they’re combined somehow , when you ignore the second you sabotage the first . however , you can fix…